Mutter Hoppe | Dishes
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mild matjesfilet

served with cream sauce, butter and breadbasket

8,50 €

 small soused herringspot

with new herring in cream sauce and onion rings, rollmop, butter and bread

8,50 €

fried veal‘s liver

on apple-onion-rings in green salad and fresh herbs, besides french loaf

11,00 €

delicate ragout of veal

au gratin with cheese

8,40 €

fried chicken breast fillet

on peach, au gratin with cheese, besides toast

9,00 €



cauliflower and broccoli on mashed potatoes, baked with mild buttery cheese

7,90 €

spinach gratin

spinach on mashed potatoes, au gratin with Béarnaise sauce and cream cheese

8,00 €

fresh herb cheese

with boiled potatoes, besides a fresh salad

7,90 €

celery schnitzel

on mashed potatoes, along with a fresh salad

9,00 €


Berlin potato soup

with cut Frankfurter or vegetarian

3,90 €

as terrine with lard bread

6,10 €

Berlin lentil soup

with smoked sausage slices or vegetarian

3,90 €

as terrine with bread and butter

6,10 €

Berlin pea soup

with cut Frankfurter

3,90 €

as terrine with bread and butter

6,10 €

soup of the season

with fresh herbs

3,90 €

tomato soup with crôutons

and cream on the top

3,90 €

solid chicken stock

with all the trimmings

3,90 €

Mothers liver dumpling soup

with fresh herbs

3,90 €

green cabbage soup

with smoked sausage slices

3,90 €


mixed salad

4,50 €

salad with tuna fish

9,70 €

salad with boiled ham

9,70 €

salad with sheep‘s milk cheese

9,70 €

Please choose between::

  • french dressing, italian dressing 
  • or dressing of yoghourt and herbs

salad with fried chicken breast fillet

besides fresh baguette

11,00 €

salad with fried slices of turkey breast

besides fresh baguette

11,00 €

tomato salad

with challots and fresh herbs

4,00 €

cucumber salad

with fresh dill

3,50 €


 Havel pike perch fillets

stewed or roasted in butter, with creamy green cabbage or spinach, carrots,
crauliflower, lemon-butter sauce and parsley potatoes

17,50 €

in butter roasted green herrings

with parsley potatoes and mixed salad, comes with parsley potatoes,
a fresh salad and melted butter

12,50 €

wild salmon fillet

served with leaf spinach, lemon butter sauce and mashed potatoes

18,50 €

redfish fillet stewed or fried

with lemon-butter sauce and green pepper,
besides vegetable rice and cucumber salad

13,50 €

halibut steak stewed or fried

with dill sauce, parsley potatoes and salad

14,50 €


„Märkischer Sauerbraten“

sour beef with apple-red cabbage and potato dumplings

14,90 €

roast gammon

on lentils with sauerkraut and red wine-sauce, besides dumplings

13,50 €

homemade beef roulade

stuffed in »Berlin style«, red cabbage and parsley potatoes

14,90 €

Froasted veal‘s liver

with apple-onion-rings, mashed potatoes,
and fresh green lettuce

14,90 €

giant stuffed cabbage leaves of Berlin style

with bacon and parsley potatoes

9,90 €

pork goulash

with wild mushrooms, red cabbage and potato dumplings

13,50 €

pork steak »Braumeister-style«

with egg and breadcrumbs coated pork steak,
stuffed with cooked ham and cheese,
besides mushrooms, green peas and fried potatoes

16,50 €

pork escalope

with fine and spicy ragout, au gratin with cheese,
besides peas, mushrooms and french fries

15,90 €

pork’s leg brawn

with remoulade sauce, gherkin and homemade fried potatoes

11,50 €

delicate roastbeef

with herb remoulade and creamy horseradish,
sour vegetables and homemade fried potatoes

14,50 €

rump-steak (180 gross weight)

with herbal butter, grilled tomato, green beans,
fresh herbal-mushrooms and french fries

18,50 €

rump-steak (250g gross weight)

with herbal butter, grilled tomato, green beans,
fresh herbal-mushrooms and french fries

21,90 €

pork loin

bread in the total, with herbal butter, wood mushrooms
and homemade fried potatoes

17,50 €

pork fillet and turkey breast on the spit

with onions and cucumber, fresh mushrooms, grilled tomato,
green beans and homemade fried potatoes

17,50 €

pork fillet chopped up

with fresh mushrooms and peas, besides green noodles in a
creamy gorgonzola-sauce with green pepper

14,50 €

pork fillet stripes

with onions, fresh mushrooms, green pepper and rice,
besides a tomato salad with fresh herbs

14,50 €


findely marinated rabbit leg

cream sauce with Brussel sprouts and green peas,
carrots and parsley potatoes

14,90 €

roast joint of deer

in a creamy juniper sauce, with apple flavoured red cabbage,
cowberry-pear and potato croquettes

16,50 €

marinated roast of wild boar

in a redwine-sauce, with glazed Brussel sprouts,
carrots and potato croquettes

16,50 €


deer- and wild boar roast, in a juniper-cream sauce, besides apple
flavoured red cabbage, wild mushrooms and potato dumplings,
Will be served on the plate on request.

17,50 €


crisp leg of roasted goose

with apple flavoured red cabbage, creamy green cabbage and potato dumplings

18,50 €

Berlin chicken frikassee

with mushrooms, capers and green peas, besides rice and some salad

12,50 €

chicken breast au gratin with cheese

with creamy spinach and mashed potatoes

12,90 €

2 small breadcrumbed turkey schnitzel

with a curry sauce, besides rice and salad

12,00 €

half a duck

resh out of the furnace, with apple flavoured red cabbage,
creamy green cabbage and parsley potatoes

16,50 €


2 sausages

fried in a pan, served with brown sauce, sauerkraut and parsley potatoes

9,00 €

Berlin pickled knuckle of pork

with purred peas, sauerkraut and parsley potatoes

13,80 €

a delicious piece of pork crust roast

served on the wood board, you can choose between green cabbage or sauerkraut, besides parsley potatoes and a delicate brown sauce

13,90 €

Mother Hoppes »Hugenotten-pan«

onion and parsley spicily marinated pork fillet served with fried potatoes-ham-scrambled eggs, green peas and fresh herbal mushrooms

16,50 €

large meatball

with fried egg, cauliflowers, broccoli and carrots, along with parsley potatoes or fried potatoes

12,50 €

braiseknuckle of pork

on wine sauerkraut, to sausage gravy, fried or parsley potatoes

14,50 €

Mother Hoppes »Großer Latschen«

escalope of veal fried in a pan, with parsley potatoes or homemade fried potatoes, besides fresh lettuce

18,50 €

Berlin slaught plate

blood and liver sausages, pork crust roast and »Kasseler« roast, besides wine flavoured sauerkraut and parsley potatoes

13,50 €


fresh minced meat of pork

with onions, egg, butter and several bread

9,50 €

cesty cheese-tidbits

with fruits

9,50 €

dish of meatballs

with gherkins and slices of bread

8,50 €

«Strammer Max»

3 fried eggs on smoked ham à la »Schwarzwald« and bread loaf,
besides gherkins from »Spreewald«

8,50 €

Mothers »sausage-pot«

several small sausages served in a pot, besides gherkins,
mustard and slices of bread

8,50 €

Mothers »small buffet« (daily from 5.00 p.m.)

savorily of everything what the cold cuisine leads, butter and bread

16,50 €

for 2 persons

30,00 €

Mothers »cheese plate«(daily from 5.00 p.m.)

noble hard and soft kinds of cheese besides several kinds of bread,
»Pumpernickel« and butter

15,50 €

Small portion

10,00 €


Berlin apple fritters

with woodberries and whipped cream

5,00 €

dessert of semi-liquid red fruit

with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

4,50 €

two little potato fritters

on apple sauce and whipped cream

5,50 €

Please ask the waiter for our menu card with ice cream specialities and cake! Cake and ice cream dishes may contain allergens, please ask our staff

small pancake

with bilberry sauce and 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

5,80 €

warm apple pie

with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

4,20 €

semolina pudding with cherries

4,00 €

with „a shot“ of 2cl Brandy

7,50 €


whipped cream or cake

Please ask the waiter for our menu card with ice cream specialities and cake (whipped cream)!

daily from 2.00 p.m.